Will Video Broadcasting Work At My Workplace?


Video broadcasting is a very attractive tool to promote our organization especially in campus recruiting.  It enhances the corporate branding and takes the marketing process to another level.  Good material not only can promote the organization but can also attract new audiences to the website.  We can certainly utilize videos to promote our department.  One of the challenges of creating good videos is time consuming and paying contractors to create the video can be very expensive.

By Cuppaocha

Reflections on Video Broadcasting


Creating the video was a fun experience.  I could pick my topic, write my script, prepare the pictures and become the director of my final product.  I spent more time to create and edit the video than I expected.  This process has definitely given me different perspective towards the people who worked behind the scene to create videos for audiences.  Patience and creativity were certainly the keys of success.  Salute to them!  Although I quite enjoyed the video creating process, I encountered hurtle in the meantime.  During the video production week, our whole family was sick, I lost my voice and I couldn’t record my script.  Luckily, I got better and was able to finish the script recording on time.

By Cuppaocha

My classmates’ videos


I really enjoyed watching my classmates’ videos.  Some of them are informative and some of them are interesting.

Jackson the dog’s video was interesting and certainly made me laugh.  It kind of reminded me of training my little one, asked him to perform different tasks and not sure if he would understand or not.  I really like the subtitle.  They made the video very interesting.  Thanks for sharing the tricks with us.

“Wagashi video” has created a very calm learning experience.  Watching the video was very peaceful.  The pictures and music were great combination.  The topic was interesting and the video was informative.

Thank you for sharing everyone.  Job well done!

By Cuppaocha

3 YouTube Videos


The future of HR video


The video was effectively delivered the message to the audiences.  The video was professional and it contained many important data.  Although there was no narrator throughout the video, the text format and question style attracted the audiences’ attention and let audiences to think quietly about the future trend of HR.


How to negotiate salary during job offer video


The second video provided great information about salary negotiation.  The video used a “talking head” approach.  The video could be more effective if they would be able put some of the notes as PowerPoint slides.


Advance future technology video


The third video was fascinating.  A video that was worth watching.  The advance future technology enhanced our work, school and life.  The video was very professional and used a lot of advanced digital technology.  The video was very effective.

By Cuppaocha

Effective Podcasts


Centre for Advanced HR Studies at Cornell University


This website has a very strong and effective podcast platform as the university invited senior executives to be the guesses of the podcasts.  The interviewing podcast style of the famous CEOs and senior leaderships was attractive.  The atmosphere was very interactive and engaging.  These podcasts certainly attracted the attention of the audiences to continue to support and follow the podcasts.  I enjoy listening to their tips and recommendations in HR best practice.


The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development


I enjoy listening to the podcasts from the CIPD website as the they were very professional and the topics in HR were very interesting.  The host has also created great atmosphere.  The podcast downloading and subscribing process were easy.  The website has included the shownote and transcript for each podcast for audiences’ reference.

By Cuppaocha

Will Podcasting Work at My Workplace?


Podcast can be effectively used at my work place as many of our readers and audiences view our organization website to obtain information daily.  Many of our audiences are located overseas.  Podcast can be used as supplementary material.  Audiences who cannot attend our events can also receive recap of our information session online.  Podcast allows audiences to listen to our organization information at anywhere and at anytime.  It is convenient to set up and listen.  Audiences can even listen to the podcast on their smartphones in nowadays.  We can also promote our podcast through Twitter and Facebook.  Podcasting can certainly be a great marketing tool for our organization.

By Cuppaocha

Reflections on Podcasting


Podcasting was a fun and interesting experience especially recording and listening to my own episode.  Listening to my podcast allowed me to evaluate my topic, tone, pace and voice.  At the beginning, I found it challenging as to select the interesting topic.  I tried to record the episode few times and it wasn’t successful as the episode and picture would not upload properly.  After many times of recording and playing, the podcast was finally completed….Yah!!!  What a great sense of accomplishment!  Brainstorming and writing down the ideas for the podcast definitely helped to smoothen the process.  Other than these incidents, the podcasting software was easy to use and it had pretty good quality.  The podcasting software achieved the purpose of delivering the important message to the audiences.

By Cuppaocha

My Podcasts


Hi everyone,

After working in recruitment for sometime, I would like to share few tips and recommendations in recruitment and selection.

My first podcast is about job searching information.

My second podcast is about writing resume and interview dos and don’ts.

Here’s the link to my podcasts: http://cuppaocha.podomatic.com

Hope these few tips can assist the job searchers in looking for their employment opportunities.

Hope you enjoy the podcasts.


By Cuppaocha

Facebook and/or LinkedIn?


Up until now, I am still hesitant to “go public”.  Not because I don’t enjoy using Facebook and LinkedIn, its because I found them very time consuming and I am afraid that I don’t have time to keep my profile interesting and up-to-date.

From the professional and business standpoint, I think Facebook and LinkedIn are great tools to enhance the marketing territories.  We can reach anyone who has a profile on Facebook and LinkedIn at anywhere at anytime.  The financial cost is pretty low.  In the recruitment area that I am focusing on, Facebook and LinkedIn will certainly increase the corporate branding.  Both Facebook Page and LinkedIn group can attract the attention of the job seekers.  They may participate the career fair or open house of the organization and eventually apply for the position at our organization.  The Kabani’s ACT model can incorporate with our organizational recruitment strategies.

By Cuppaocha